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Hi everyone!! Recently, marchandmad
& I both reached really big follower goals. After some thinking we decided we would combine our resources and hold a conjoined giveaway!

• Jersey of choice from any NHL team
• A hat of choice from any NHL team
• And a misc. of choice from an NHL team (meaning you can order any other thing off that NHL team (besides another jersey or hat)

• You have to be following Kelly (marchandmad) and I (it’s for our followers obvs)
• Reblogs and likes both count as entries

The contest will end on December 1st, 2014 (it can be like an early Christmas present ha). We will put all the urls in a random generator and pick the 3 winners! Check out Kellys (marchandmad’s) post
you can reblog hers, mine, or both! If you have any other questions or if I left something out (this is my first giveaway oops) please feel free to message Kelly or I! Good luck :)
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